and my hair is pink

July 16, 2009

I have decided to take my teddy bear Sunshine to burning man with me. This is partly because Graham takes his teddy bear Powerful Ford around to all sorts of cool places with him and makes me feel like a bad teddy bear owner by comparison, and partly because I’ve had her since I turned six years old and that makes her the oldest friend I have that I am not related to and have not lost in the ether at some point or other. (Although I did lose her on several occasions and there was pestilence in the land, yea verily, until my parents turned the car around and drove their wailing offspring back to the last place Sunshine had been seen).

This decision has spawned a difficulty already, however, because if she’s going to burning man then she needs a rad costume and I want to make one for her out of this more than sufficiently rad material I have, and I have this more than sufficiently rad material because I was planning to make one of Nitya’s birthday presents with it.  I am sorry to say that this is not much of a quandary, although it produces certain feelings of disloyalty, because while Sunshine was once the only friend of my lonely childhood days while all the other normal children were at school and she would have won hands down at that time, changes occur and they have to be turned to and faced. While growing up Sunshine was the apple of my eye, my favorite toy ever, my physically present imaginary friend, and I loved her with mother bear ferocity. Once long ago I somehow pissed my brother Thad off to such a degree that usual forms of retaliation like name calling, tattling or duplo fights were not apparently sufficient to soothe his rage, and he ripped the stuffing out of Sunshine and shoved her in the woodstove. Since it was summer his evil little plot was not quite as clever as it would have been in the dead of winter, when that stove was burning twenty four seven, but it was still mean and nasty and low down and diabolical. That little bastard sat around under his yellow curls looking all cherubic and concerned for literally DAYS while I searched the house and yard and neighborhood for Sunshine with much weeping and gnashing of teeth. And finally, when I had given her up for dead, some sixth sense or other compelled me to open the woodstove one afternoon on the insane off chance that I might have put her there, and there she was of course, completely gutted and covered in soot.

I think I probably would have ended Thad’s young life right then if my wonderful dad hadn’t commanded me to stop howling and let him have a look at the damage. He calmed me down, without so much as cracking a smile, and suggested that I go get the big plastic syringe from the toy doctor kit to give her a shot before he stitched her up. Then he stuffed her back up and gave her a neat little row of stitches up the back, and I didn’t speak to Thad for at least a week and I’m not entirely sure I’ve forgiven him for it even yet, although the story makes me laugh like the whole gang of weasels in who framed roger rabbit.

In any case, once she was beloved above most, but at this point in time Nitya is going to get the rad material outfit. Maybe Thad can buy Sunshine a full metal jacket or an Aeon Flux outfit to make up for his past transgressions.


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