hay hay hay…

August 3, 2009

I am going to go knock down a wall today; and I am going to be paid for it. This is super awesome, since knocking down a wall sounds like a lot of fun (although I realize that it will probably turn out to be a lot of hard work) and since I am squirreling away small little acorns of dollars for Burning Man as often as I can. It has just occurred to me that my roommate may or may not be able to take care of my cats for the two weeks I’ll be gone, and now I’m looking at paying for cat love also. Well, not even so much cat love, more like just cat feeding and litter box dumping once a week; that would be approximately fourteen feeding trips and two littler dumping bonus jobs, and I am thinking maybe if this wall is big enough and I get paid a nice amount for helping to knock it over then I will offer someone fifty dollars to feed and de-litter the cats. Let me know if there are any takers. Seriously.

In other news, glasses are fucking expensive. I am mad at glasses. I have a really sweet pair of white and black leopard print frames that currently house sunglass lenses, and I wanted to pop those suckers out and have my actual glasses prescription put in, hopefully that would be cheaper than buying an eighty dollar pair of frames or what have you, and yeah, it still would be cheaper, but good Jesus. It costs twenty dollars to have them put lenses in your own frames, and the lenses cost a minimum of a hundred and twenty dollars. Who would not just wear contacts? Really. So no glasses for me, but at least contacts are still cheap and I would probably look like a dork in glasses anyhow.

I have been reading through this stack of comic books from the 80’s that Holly bought at the bins to make postcards and lighters out of, and they are freaking hilarious. One is called ‘who shall stop the overmind?’ I did not know that people other than my mother and I were still saying the word ‘shall’ in or after 1980. (Clearly I am one of the after 1980 shall sayers). The slang is completely awesome and I spent most of the read laughing my ass off, but the artwork is still so good. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just my era, but the 80’s comic book art seems like the best and only real deal to me. The lines are so active and exaggerated; I love.

Ok. Have to eat now. And then go knock down a wall. WOO!


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