ueia aeiou

August 4, 2009


hand in the fence gap


nitya rolling spliff

Nitya making magic again.

paint in water

Paint in water.

painted boards

Splattered boards.

paint in water 3 Moonlight Darkfighter Shadow.

flower in crack

Flower in cracks.

speckles leaf and pabst can


tiny snake

Tiny snake and clovers.

wire crap


2 Responses to “ueia aeiou”

  1. a-to-b Says:

    tiny snake and clovers!! thats awesome. how did you catch it or did just slither right over your hand? Also, I think there is a four-leaf clover right by your knuckle.


  2. offthetwig Says:

    That is clearly not my hand. My hand is a delicate womanly hand. And we kind of had to snatch him out of the grass, and he was mad. He hissed.


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