I’ve got no everloving end of crap

August 22, 2009

So I’m packing for Burning Man right now because I’m going down through California for a week first and oh. my. goodness. I have so much crap it’s not even funny. Packing it all in and keeping track of it for two weeks is kind of going to be a feat of unparalleled strength of spirit. God am I a pack rat. I’m rolling along a path of righteousness and rock and roll, stuffing things into my trunk, getting distracted and cleaning out my tree straw with a pipe cleaner (works! I is genius!), washing dishes, getting distracted and cutting four inches off the bottom of my loin cloth because in a pathetic tangible display of just how tall I really think I am I made it long enough to trail three inches on the ground before and after me (yes, loin cloth. Shut up), making a list and checking it twice and then completely rewriting it and lather rinse repeat, getting distracted and writing a blog, getting distracted and smoking a bowl, sweet Jesus. It’s like a joke about ADD over here.

List of the raddest shit ever:

Cup shaped like a rocket with a green tree straw. That’s Irony.

Amazing flashlight with red and orange blinky lights and a MOTHERFUCKING SIREN. Oh, yeah.

Hand sewn moon boots. I couldn’t feel my thumbs for all the needle pricks for a solid five days.

Trunks. Big old ratty steamer trunks. One has a chess board on top. Rock.

Sunshine Bear, who is going to burning man for the first time in a mad leopard print dress, as she should be.

Rickety old red camp chair with a built in cooler under the seat. 

Did I already say moon boots?

Ok. I have to go start another project and get distracted again. Methinks…sleeping bag wrangling with a side of cigarette.

Miss you already!


One Response to “I’ve got no everloving end of crap”

  1. Lazarus Kauffman Says:

    So have you set sail yet?


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