impervious to bullets, mommy!

September 26, 2009

My current top searches. I can’t tell which is more awesome, you guys for wondering or me for knowing.

  1. spliff (really? Do I say spliff so very often?)

  2. under water dead leaves (I am pretty sure that even dead leaves float).

  3. monkey grass (?)

  4. tunnel snake jacket (?!)

  5. my hair is falling out by the handfuls (ah. Understood all too well).

Have a rockin’ weekend, my mongooses.


Well. I know this will come as a shock to all who read it, but my computer has bitten the old dust again, this time with an actual smell of fire and brimstone. I would like to say right now that I feel myself in no way responsible for this dust biting, hellfire scented catastrophe, in that I am fairly certain I did not piss off god and force him to damn the soul of my logic board to eternal uselessness. However, regardless of whose fault it was, (god), I am rendered mostly computerless. My dear roommate Holly lets me use hers without giving me any shit about it at all, except for ‘reminding’ me daily to update my blog, which is more like giving me shit but hey at least she is very generous with her laptop. Also my dear boyfriend Alain (ha. HAHAHAHA. Sorry. First time typing that this time around) lets me use his very fancy black laptop whenever he is not using it for fancy job stuff. I am using it now, in fact, and I am feeling very fancy. I think this laptop costs more than me.

So, yes. Sorry about the bad blogging habits again, I keep seeing new readers start following this blog using some sort of blog following service or other and every time I feel vividly, viciously guilty. I am sorry I am too lazy to type! Because of course there was at least a solid week there after I came back from Burning Man when I should have been typing stories and grievances at least once a day, and no. I was too lazy. But I was only too lazy during that time, clearly, since as soon as my laptop was cruelly taken from me too soon, I set up a mournful howl and wanted nothing more than to blog. Truly.

In other news, I now have a boyfriend (HA! It is funny in its own right, but it is also funny because it is Alain and we dated before like two and a half years ago and we were both little pissants about it and there was much drama in the land; and we swore off each other with a vengeance, yay verily, and then here we are after two and a half something years, and just. I accept no responsibility. We met on April Fool’s Day. Obviously it was god again). I should probably just write this story out for you at some point, because I may be biased but I find it frankly hilarious in retrospect, although it was like snorting the entirety of the Rocky Mtns through a straw rock by rock at the time. Remind me about that.

Also my cats did not appear to miss me one tiny little bit while I was away; I bounded up the steps all ‘Holly! Lucky! Sonnet to happiness!’ and Holly was the only one who acted even slightly affected by the fact that I was home. Lucky was all like, ‘oh hey look I think that’s a fly on the wall over there I bet I can catch it.’ Very sad.

And I have a bike now! And nothing dreadful has happened so far! And yes, I have actually ridden it. On actual streets. I am amazing; we are all amazed.

Ok, my turn with the computer is coming to a close and I don’t want to push it because Holly’s computer has windows vista and oh holy crap do not even get me started on the evils of window vista.

Peace out, my hamsters!


Back from the burn, with many stories to tell and no energy with which to do so. Coming soon, etc. Big love! Call me up and ask me out for beers!