the first rule of a caucus race, you know!

October 5, 2009

Why is ‘send me off to the salt mines’ listed in my top searches? Somebody out there knows.

Ok, so I have finally got around to taking the few burning man pictures I do have off my camera, which makes me sound like a lazy slug but in reality I don’t have the cord that connects the camera to the laptop, and so taking the pictures off is somewhat of an ordeal and requires a nifty little something called a memory stick. I have recently come into contact with a friendly memory stick, and so here are some burning man pictures. Woo!

gong dong2 bm09Virgin burners (those who have not been to a burn before, not those who have never partaken of the sex) are required to ring the gong before they’re allowed entrance. Our gong was minus its hammer, so I hit it with my water bottle. This fabulous fellow hit it with his dong. Gong dong!

alain on dino bm09Alain. Taming every single one of them wild dinosaur bones.

carol in zw procession bm09Keebler rocking the bridesmaid procession in Graham and Nitya’s playa wedding. Most of my burning man pictures are from said playa wedding, because it took up all my batteries and I was not desperate enough to search for new batteries until the temple burn. Selah.

playa moon bm09Playa moon. Never was there such a fully lavendar atmosphere.

poor dead bat bm09Poor dead bat that somehow got stuck in our bike/rope entanglement on top of the car…I mourned him and named him Koda, which was only fitting so to do. 

tab and powerful ford zw bm09Me and the P Ford at the Gramphrodite wedding. Those boots utterly bit the dust (ha) and the dust bit back and they are currently lying in mostly shreds on my back deck…not very pertinent but still very sad.

tab and sunshine bm dawn 09Sunshine and me on our triumphal entry into burning man. I am not sure why this picture persists in being sideways, as I have rotated and saved it seventeen billion such times, but. It is good exercise for your neck muscles.

zw09 bm09More wedding. I know these are all the hell out of order, but I can’t help it. I am drinking red wine and POG and listening to hawaiian reggae very loudly and getting up periodically to do little footie dances around the house. No time or attention span for orderliness.

temple6 bm09Temple burn. The perfect ending.


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