darth crate: beware the box

October 13, 2009

Currently my two top searches are ‘hair fall out’ and ‘burst balloon.’ These are both sad things and I do not think that I have an overly sad blog. In fact, aside from sundry injustices visited upon me by an uncaring universe, I would have to say that this blog is a joyous place, filled with bright colors and long words and pictures of things that I found on the ground. And since bright colors and long words and pictures of things I found on the ground are pretty much the stuff of eternal cherry topped bliss, I think people need to start typing things like ‘stripper falling down’ and ‘buttermints’ and ‘fat cats with funny captions.’ Seriously. My blog is not a howling wilderness of baldness and shredded rubber dreams. Although if someone finds me by typing in shredded rubber dreams I will probably marry them. So hopefully it will be my very own dark lord of the sith. 

Speaking of the sith, (which I refuse to capitalize and you can all just go suck on it because tell me, how ridiculous would it look if I went around capitalizing jedi all the time?), this is going to be a very STAR WARS halloween around here. Man, I love parentheses. Notice how I made up for all the noncapitalization of various schools of force thought by capitalizing all of STAR WARS? Twice? Anyhow, yes, halloween = a lot of ancient weapons and hokey religions this year for me and mine. I am going to be Shaak Ti, which mostly means that I need some wire clippers for my headdress, and also a lot of red body paint. Alain and Holly and Niall and maybe my old friend ET (I would kind of kill for those initials) are all going to dress up as representatives of the light or dark as well, but I will not tell you what they’re going as exactly because I’m not sure if they’re the surprise you kind of people or not. I don’t want to blow their hyperdrives by letting the details out too soon. Just satisfy yourselves with the fact that I will have head tails. Three of them. With stripes. 

Complimentary Continental Breakfast Pictures:

electronic smile hawaii 09

Electro smiley face.

love light hawaii 09

Happiness is a warm sun. Mahalo, Honolulu. You sure were warm. You sure did set the bar kind of wonky for a mid October return to Portland Freezing Oregon.

pali7 hawaii 09

Where the wild wind blows…

tab and alain at pali hawaii 09

…like it needs to have your skirt and hair.

palms and clouds hawaii 09

Palm trees! That I saw with my very own eyes and camera! I do not know why they are sideways! This happens a lot lately, like exclamation points! Somebody help!

red ball and sidewalk hawaii 09

Literally my idea of the perfect picture. 


May the force be with you, unless you would rather it just not call you anymore. In which case, may it not call you anymore.


2 Responses to “darth crate: beware the box”

  1. Lazarus Kauffman Says:

    Hawaii is indeed an amazing place. Everyone should visit at least one of the islands. Well maybe not everyone… just those who deserve it. I’ve only been to Maui. It’s the most relaxing place I have ever visited.

    Beautiful shots by the way.


  2. offthetwig Says:

    Thank you! How are you and your own photos?


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