blat says the orange frog

October 15, 2009

Today my top searches are ‘stacked mamas,’ which I might understand were it not plural, as I like to think I am stacked a half bit better than mother Hubbard’s cupboard albeit currently without child(s), but the second, ‘honey colored teddy bear hamster?’ I do not understand. However, I am glad to see that the wonderings luring people into my succulent portion of the interweb are no longer mere cries of ‘my hair is falling out!’ Although ever since my hair did fall out, ‘my hair is falling out!’ has been in my top searches every time I’ve looked. Are we all tired of hearing about my top searches? Good. Because I am certainly not. They crack me up every single time, and then I make up small stories in my head to go with them. I am still kind of dissatisfied with anything I’ve come up with for ‘snake tunnel jacket,’ so if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, be my guest. My imagination could use a little snake tunnel break.

I watched a movie called Fanboys last night, which probably everyone has already heard about, and I thought it was awesome. I would kind of maybe kill for that van, although probably not because killing is not in my nature. I am a tremble with fear and loathing while carrying the spider outside on a piece of cardboard type. But oh man, let me just say, it has an R2-D2 and a hyperdrive. High per drive. WANT. Also I thought it was very funny and I knew the answer to every ‘are you a real star wars nerd or just a poser?’ quiz question in the whole movie except for why Leia walks through the Ewok forest instead of just taking one of the speeders she just knocked a stormtrooper off of. However, Return of the Jedi is my least fave of the three (no beatings! It’s all star wars!) and I haven’t seen it in a decent amount of time, as opposed to A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, which I have seen in the last two months. (So there). Anyhow it is a great movie, I think, and it made me cry. Of course everything from Lady and the Tramp to KILL BILL has made me cry, so think nothing of it. And the ending line is so perfect; I’ve always been a connoisseur of endings, going so far as to read the last page of a book first if I have an inkling it’s going to be an ending I disagree with, and oh. What a hilarious, precisely apt ending. 

Ok, yes I did just rave about Fanboys for a long time. STFU.

I am going to go be a hair model today, which is exciting because it consists of getting a free cut and color and also being completely surprised by what you get. I have the feeling she is thinking asymmetrics. Because she told me so. Woo!

Also youtube Hard Gay. Maybe is not your cup of tea, but HOOOO! I laughed my ass off. And I wish I had a hip radar like that.

Love and happiness, my honey colored teddy bear hamsters.

half plum on the sidewalk


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