make a supersonic man outta you

October 24, 2009

I am sitting on my ass drinking coffee, and this is not what I should be doing. I should be sitting on my ass cleaning the litter box, and then there should be no more about my ass for a long, lonely time as I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. However, I have realized that all I want to do is sit on my ass drinking coffee, and every so often the needs of the lazy outweigh the needs of the neat freak. Furthermore, I spent at least three hours yesterday learning the thriller dance, and I’m not going to say that every part of my body aches with an unchained vengeance, but I will say that every part of my body except my teeth aches with an unchained vengeance. That thriller dance is active. And it goes on for six minutes. And it takes a long time to learn all the moves. And it takes even longer to learn how to do them anywhere that could be considered to loosely approximate as fast as you need to in order to keep up with the music. Yesterday I sweated more than I have since I was in Hawaii, and the Hawaii sweat was not the sweat of aerobic overload. Hawaii sweat was nice lazy sweat. I sat on my ass a lot there, too. Geez, even my ass hurts. Apparently there are muscles there. Live and learn.

Anyhow, the thriller dance has pretty much consumed my brain, which I find very appropriate because it is after all about zombies and zombies after all are all about brain consumption. Last night Holly and I went out to Boiler Room and we got there and almost no one was there and the song list was like six songs long and we squealed with greedy joy. And put lots of songs in. The entire time we were there I gave into the urge to do thriller moves to other songs; I believe we danced however much of the whole dance we could fit in to the song ‘Bitch’ by Alanis Morrisette. I think I do not know how to spell Alanis Morrisette correctly. Oh well. The thriller dance is a good one to dance to ‘Bitch.’ Zombie bitch. So much more meaningful.

On the way home we ran into some bucket drummers and we asked them if they could play Thriller. They couldn’t, but we tipped them anyway and did the dance on the sidewalk to whatever it was they were playing. We got ourselves a small audience and I felt very cool. Turns out we did this in high heels, what do you know about that with the dressing up and then getting drunk and all, and now my feet are crying. I am a bad foot owner. 

If you want to see me and Holly and Alain and approximately 999 other people dance the thriller dance all at the same time today, come to Pioneer Courthouse Square at 5:30pm. It will be amazing. AMAZING.


2 Responses to “make a supersonic man outta you”

  1. Hate to be a mister-know-it-all on this one, but the song, “Bitch” which is commonly misattributed to Alanis Morissette was actually written and performed by Meredith Brooks. The song came out in 1997 and was her one hit wonder, I know this, mostly because I was founding member of the Bitch Club in 8th grade. We were SO COOL.


  2. offthetwig Says:

    My bad. It was still, however, awesome to dance the thriller dance to. 🙂


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