jus’ a lil’ runaroun’

November 23, 2009

Are there really so many people out there looking for teddy bear hamsters? I don’t even know what a teddy bear hamster is. I’m tempted to google them to find out but apparently I’d only wind up back at my own page as my top searches for the past fucking decade or so have been a fistful of alter-spelled graspings for these undoubtedly cuddly balls of uselessness. I do not even really like the whole rodent pet concept. I liked a rat named Yoshi once, but that was a sad story. I liked another rat named Zelda, but that was a sad story also. Other than those two, rodent pets are not so much of interest to me. They tend to just sit in some sort of box or other and scrabble. However, I love them a lot more than I love snake pets. Snake pets as a whole boggle my mind and make me chuck my feet up under me so fast you can’t even see the movement. Also they make me never visit your house. Ever ever ever.

Oh Jesus, now I am thinking about snakes and that is such an unfair way to start your morning. At least now all of you are thinking about snakes, too. Come and find me, all you who are crazy and seek teddy bear snakesters. Seriously. If snakester is ever in my top searches, I will singlemindedly forgive all the hamster people.


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