how the mighty have fallen into the mist

December 30, 2009

Greetings, peoples of earth. I am wearing awesome tie dye and it combined with the delicate luxuriousness of my mossay green sweater has transported me to another level of being. Transmitting now from the planet of Great Satisfaction In One’s Wardrobe,

This is not what I look like now but it is also a fabulous wardrobe choice and I don’t think I made you look at my awesome jack o’lantern, so you can do that now. Yay. Bombing is Holly’s dad, and he is very sneaky. I never knew he was there until I looked at the picture.

In other and more current news, yesterday I went to San Fransisco for the first time and it rocked an unimaginable amount of face. Alain had an(other!) interview in SF and I wanted to see the city, so he (super brilliantly) dropped me off at the apparently legendary Haight/Ashbury. Go ahead and ask me about that box I was raised in, (small! cozy!), but I had never heard of Haight & Ashbury before. Once I hit the sidewalk thought, I loved it. Alain is from CA originally and he says it’s kind of cliche and overdone, but I thought it was just like a bigger older grubbier awesomer combination of maybe Alberta and Saturday Market.

Places I visited and people I met:

1) For the Love of Ganesha, a beautiful little SE Asian store. I walked in through gauzy curtains and was met by the most calming, smile tugging atmosphere. There was a huge basket of gorgeous inexpensive skirts right by the front door and I bought two, one to match my current outfit so I could continue my H/A experience in greater style. They had an amazing mellow meditation room that I sat in for a couple of minutes just taking time out to enjoy being alive and in San Fransisco, and I think that was a pretty sweet way to start my day off.

2) Some hippie kids who were sitting on the sidewalk, making bead necklaces. They asked me for a dollar and I asked them to roll me a j, because I cannot ever roll them myself and no amount of shame or practice has done anything to change that so far. I therefore have no shame, and after looking at me kind of pityingly for a second I handed over a dollar and a girl with her third eye tattooed on her forehead rolled me a j. I was sitting there smoking it with them when they all started hissing ‘put that down!’ and I shoved it behind my back and two bike cops rolled up. Now, I am a sissyboy when it comes to any city’s finest. I am absolutely pee my pants terrified of them, and so I put the end of the j firmly between my thumb and the sidewalk and ground it out, and shook like a little old lady leaf. No one else seemed very perturbed, not even the cops, who after going through a ‘how far shall we take this investigation’ routine, just told us to take a walk.

Things I bought and things I did not buy:

1) Did:  super rad cheese grater at the goodwill. It’s one of those pyramid cheese graters like we had when I was little, and it’s made of white plastic and the cheese grating holes on one side are shaped like flowers. WIN.

2) Not: heartbreakingly awesome white pleather outfit that cost eighty kajillion dollars and was so perfect in mind, body and spirit that I think I will have to write an epic saga or at least a decently long ode proclaiming the lilting love song of its very existence.

I also met two new friends named James and Alyssa, both of whom are so cool it is not to be believed, and I have realized a new sort of confidence in myself as a person, knowing that I can go outside of Portland and still make good friends with good people in good time. James and I smoked under a eucalyptus tree, and I had never seen one of those before, but my god. They look to me like the white tree of Gondor, all white and twisty and scrolly branches with feathery leaves, and just fucking HUGE. The trees in general in California are pretty astounding. I have seen an olive tree, and walked on a sidewalk littered with olives, olives, food just laying there, and it flabbergasts me. I walked over the droppings of a pepper tree and the result was so pungent I could smell pepper even with a stuffed nose; I could breathe pepper with my mouth and feel pepper on my skin. I walked by an orange tree, and I walked by a lemon tree. It’s freaking crazy. Add an avocado tree and you’d have a stunning salad.

Also, I am no longer afraid of horses, although if you put me alone in a room with one I would still behave very cautiously. I even have the boldness to stand with composure while bad horses eat my coat collar, before I snap out of my decongestant high and gently reprimand said bad horse while pushing his big head away. Luke is my favorite of Alain’s mom’s horses, and it is because he is bad, but I will still not tolerate the attempted ingestion of my favorite coat. Which is a good thing, because, as I have recently learned (although fortunately not from personal experience), horses can not throw up. The more I contemplate this fact, the more it seems like it would really, really suck.



2 Responses to “how the mighty have fallen into the mist”

  1. donpdonp Says:

    I love the Burningman-o-Lantern!

    I started a wiki page for portland people who want to organize a trip to burningman 2010.



  2. donpdonp Says:

    Also, you really have a way with words. I hope you keep writing, and maybe try a work of fiction.


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