let’s talk about hookers and eat clam chowder

January 29, 2010

There is something so eerie about coming home alone to a house that should be empty and hearing the shower on. I edged into the bathroom, and flung aside the shower curtain (I am so brave you have no idea), and the shower was empty. The water pounded against the far side of the wall, and I suddenly remembered that the downstairs neighbors are having a leak in their ceiling, and that our shower is suspected to be the culprit. Call me spiteful, but my heart was in such a state of mad flutter that I slammed the water off and waited for someone to come back into my house without LETTING ME KNOW to find out why their little leak system wasn’t working. Nothing like adrenaline to make an asshole out of you, I always say. Anyhow, a couple of minutes later my front door opened like someone who lived here was coming home, and a very cute stranger in work blues and latex gloves walked in. I am pleased to say that my being there startled him almost as much as my shower being on for no apparent good reason startled me. He did the one gloved hand to the heart thing and everything. He was very apologetic, and I was very forgiving, and we had a small laugh and he showed me how my shower had been broken and how it was now fixed. As everything broken and fixed was internal all this required of me was nod, nod, ok, which was a good thing because being crammed into my bathroom with a strange man wearing latex gloves was suddenly low level I have watched too much CSI freaking me out again, and all I really wanted from the nice man was for him to leave.

Now Holly and I have a shower with better internal organs, yay, and the downstairs neighbors hopefully have a ceiling that stays dry all night long. Also my heart is still running a bit fast, which is unfair because it makes me feel like I’m running through all my energy reserves right now and will eventually face plant exhausted into the sidewalk at around 7pm. I am going to make coffee. Not that it will help the heart speed, but it will maybe replenish whatever life force has been sucked out of me by fear of the unorthodox eerie.


One Response to “let’s talk about hookers and eat clam chowder”

  1. ahwan Says:

    there was no mention of hookers or clam chowder in your blog post. I feel cheated.


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