because it would hurt a lot, Warren.

February 17, 2010

I got a tattoo! It is my very first tattoo and I have wanted it for like six years, but I have always been sort of ‘beh, that is forever and forever is a very long time and it is money and money is better spent on cigarettes and gin, and also – pain. Beh.’ However, I am moving to San Francisco soon (HI! We will just throw that right in there and hope it floats) and it suddenly occurred to me one day that hey, I totally need to get my first tattoo ever while I still live in Portland, because I definitely owe Portland that much. Also, this way the tattoo will always remind me of Portland, no matter where I wind up (even if I wind up in Portland, drunk under a bar table for the last years of my life, which given the current Portland scene doesn’t sound incredibly bad, but I just know I’m going to be one of those cooking implement/mobility aid waving elderlies who goes on and on about how shit ain’t like it were in the old days, and so I can’t say for sure that I will be ok with it in forty years or so. So if Portland sucks in forty years and I die there under a bar table, I will definitely need this tattoo. That’s logic).

Also, there was only one appropriate way of dressing for this occasion. There can be no disagreement. With pleasure, I present:

~My First Tattoo~

Le shaving.

Le Ow.

Le sideways shot, because I cannot make my computer turn images right side up. Suck suckity.

In which I am brave. Also maybe in a faraway happy place.

Not that it hurt so very terribly. I am not the huge baby. But it did hurt, and when it didn’t hurt it TICKLED. No fair.

The end draws near.

Yay! Maybe the largest yay ever! Let’s go get shots!

The artist as himself. Sideways. Because suck, etc.


One Response to “because it would hurt a lot, Warren.”

  1. Bucky Says:

    Did you just get an American flag made out of bacon tattooed on your body, Leeloo?


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