six plug nickels down the grate

March 31, 2010

I just got back from a very long walk, because my plans for the day were shot (I was going to run house errands, you know, buy up the SOMA stock in avocados, get a parking permit so we can stop getting fucking sixty five dollar parking tickets, [did you know that they make those tickets unrippable? Seriously unrippable. They’re some sort of paper/plastic devil blend that prohibits fucked over parkers of little red cars from ripping them up in a fit of righteous indignation. Insult upon injury, exact definition of.], pick up some laundry quarters, etc etc) and I wound up walking around my general ‘neighborhood’ for about two hours, aimlessly, sometimes slightly lost. My plans for the day were shot because my amazing boyfriend lives in the future and he dated the household expenses check he gave me 4/31/10, which I think is a good indication of what a forward thinker and evil genius he is. I can have money, I just can’t have money till the end of April. Foo. No avocado.

No parking permit either, although I did walk into the SFMTA when I suddenly happened to be passing it during one of my little slightly lost times. Hoo boy, that place is like an overstuffed barn where all the cows think they smell smoke oh my god there’s a FIRE! People literally wall to wall. Think the DMV, only the same space and the same amount of employees, and eighty billion more people needing god knows what fixed up or paid off. Jeeeezus. Fortunately I had no dollars and no vehicle registration on me anyhow, so all I needed to do was stand in line for my initial motives assessment (whatchoo want? Form? Hokay…), keep the dude behind me from just pushing in front of me, over and over and damn over (what? really? no, fuckface, I don’t know how you might think that would possibly work, but just NO), collect my permit application, and squirm back out the maze of tense, smelly, sardinelike persons between me and the door. Seriously, when I do go back to get that permit, I will be like nine tenths of everyone else there, and I will be drunk. At least tipsy. I cannot believe that kind of chaos.

Stealth pictures approach silently from behind and steal your eyeballs forever.

Hallway, down which the kitties galumph at least twenty times per day each, careening madly into the bedroom, sliding a bit, gathering their wits enough for a u-turn, galumphing madly back and skidding onto the living room rug. It’s pretty funny. It is also the place where I power slide in my socks. Not as funny.

Kitchen. Scene of much cookie baking. Cabinets so tall that I have to stand on chairs to get into some of them. Domain of the Darth Maul vs. Chewbacca eternal staredown.

Back porch with playa bike and wine bottles. (hopefully) coming soon: tulips!

This is my favorite window, because it is the only window that does not directly feature a neighboring building. It features instead the bus yard, which is very loud almost all the damn time, but is also very cool. When there enough busses gone from the yard you can see three palm trees in the distance. It’s the cats’ favorite window, also.

Strawberry clutter forever…seriously. Those wings belong to the angel of Icollectgorgeouslittlethingslikeabananacollectspeel.

Front sidewalk: work in progress. Stop raining, rain!

Window mural so far.


No downs.

Peroxide kewpie.

I’m not gonna say follow the yellow brick stairway to heaven or anything because that would be silly, but. Find blue sky. Smile.

Peace out, my iguanas. I’ma eat cookies to tone and strengthen the ol’ system for later doses of champagne.


One Response to “six plug nickels down the grate”

  1. Holly Says:

    woah!!! its gorgeous! and sunny and bright with so much light coming in… i love the yellow kitchen and youre adorable little 2-person dinette set and how the clutter goes so good with the wooden floors (i dont know, colorful clutter tends to look more on-purpose with wooden floors for some reason)

    your place looks like a scene from a movie and i cant wait to visit and bask in the many sunbeams for myself!


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