In Which I Am Purple

May 28, 2010

Hello, friends.

Yesterday I went with Jason, who is visiting from Portland which fills my heart with light and gladness, to see Haight/Ashbury. We saw many things, including jewelry made of teeth and pig fetuses and huge umbrellas. I impulse purchased a jar of purple hair dye that was not Manic Panic, because it was right there and I didn’t feel like sojourning all the way to Sally’s Beauty Supply, and also it was only 8.50. It smelled like grape, which was novel and amused me since the name of the color was Plum.

Twig and plums.

Unfortunately, the bastard stuff stains like a sonofabitch; behold the aftermath.

Purple and green.

Don’t worry, baby, I scrubbed the whole damn thing right after this picture.

Purple fingernails.

Crappier than Manic Panic.

But any purple is better than none.



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