the year of the unicorn

September 18, 2010

I suck at taking pictures during any activity where I am too busy having fun with what’s around me to stop having fun long enough to dig around in my dinosaur backpack for the camera bag, unzip the camera bag, get out and turn on the camera, point, focus…and by then whatever was awesome and happening all those damn seconds ago is no longer awesome anyway and probably not even happening anymore. That is to say, I am good at taking pictures of things that stand still while I am alone and undistracted. Burning man did not get the alone and undistracted memo.

In other words, I dug my camera out of the tent where it had languished unused all week for the first time on Sunday night to catch the temple burn, which is exactly what happened last year. I guess the temple burn is the only time I feel alone and undistracted pretty much all of burning man. The sudden vast silence around the roar of a massive flame is kind of not one of those things I am easily distracted from.

Thusly, Pictures

Also squiggly lights. Evybody like squiggly lights.


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