although what springs to mind is the silence of the lambs

September 19, 2010

One thing about writing in my blog again is checking to see if anyone cares like they say they do again. What comes of this, of course, is all sorts of strangeness from the google searches that lead people to my blog. And I have to say, ‘people with fireflies in their mouth’ is not only grammatically incorrect but absolutely floors me as a concept. Also I have never written anything having remotely to do with people and their firefly mouthfuls, and it strikes me that google sometimes has its little fun with people. Here, strange person who wants people with fireflies in their mouth(s), you may instead have this blog that says nothing whatsoever about people with fireflies in their mouths at any time and will criticize your google search to boot.

The other really great thing about this is that now there really is a reason for the orally fixated firefly lover’s contingency to wend their ways to my blog. Now I have written two paragraphs on the subject, and the world will never be the same. It’s kind of like reverse google search history altering time travel. Muwahahaha.


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