people for peace

November 23, 2010

What’s with today, today? I feel like everything is going slowly to hell, and everything is getting even more slowly awesomer and awesomer. I feel actual terror every time I consider certain parts of my body, and I feel nothing but great surging eagerness when I think about my actual person. I took a fencing lesson with Alain, and I did not totally suck, and I had a great time and now I lunge every day just for the fun of it; I also kind of wrecked my wrist, again, and the typing is not helping, probably, but sometimes you just have to have what you want at the expense of your tendons. I want health insurance. I am not even kidding.

I’m going snowboarding for Thanksgiving, and while I’m stoked to my ears about finally getting around to it, I’m extraordinarily nervous in certain slim, delicate bits of my skeleton.

My muscles crave yoga ALL THE TIME LET’S STRETCH NOW LET’S STRETCH and my joints ache after one gentle rendition of down dog up dog.


On the other hand, I’m just sitting here bitching about how my body is falling apart in slow motion, but at least I’m not a nun marrying Jesus Christ and having a wedding cake. I guess it was only a matter of time, I told my cat. But neither of us really believes that it had to happen.


So yeah, that’s life. I feel kind of like I’m just waiting for them to get around to my perfect cyborg body, and you think I am kidding but oh no, I am not kidding. I love my body but I would love it more with an automatic camera eye and springy titanium based limbs that allowed me to leap from tall buildings and just go off down the sidewalk. However, my brain seems to have more and more figured out, and I’m getting pretty more and more used to that. It’s like the old flipside lifestyle I’ve always heard about is totally true, and all cliches spring mostly unfettered from the bosom of truth, and your body sucks more but your mind rocks like none other the older you get. Or maybe the wind just howls through my bones and I’m happy with the fact that my life is once more dancing away under my feet, where it belongs, instead of up around my middle.


I realized today that it’s almost Christmas. So there’s that.


Also, for two siblings that I miss very much, who never fail to crack me up when I think of the things we’ve done together that really stand out, two songs; two songs that I have had stuck in my head for two days, inspired by my dreams and my damn friends:


It’s tearing at my heart when I’m with you,

but when we are apart I feel it too

and no matter where I go I feel the paaaaain,

with or without you




watermelon watermelon ON THE BUS


This post is brought to you by CHEEZ-ITs, sour gummy worms and wine, and the simple, sad fact that I can’t remember whether or not I set up a blog for my friend Tom, coupled with the shame of knowing that I badgered him incessantly to set up a blog and if he did and I forgot after all that then I am an asshole. So I logged on to see if I had linked to him on my blog, my oft forgotten very own blog, and I was moved more toward talking a lot than fact checking. So you know.

Today I got a very rad haircut, and while it did not cost twenty five dollars like Bishop’s it also did not cost fifty dollars like…I don’t know.

Sorry, everyone. This is how much blog you get when it’s powered by the ADD initiating trifecta of cheese crackers, sour gummies and malbec. Hopefully I shall return soon.

oh, also

November 6, 2010

I like San Francisco now.

Oh, my darlings. My fingers hurt, I think from typing and making a scarf and possibly from getting into a lot of fist fights in my sleep lately, but I feel like I have to write exactly at this very moment and so I have cut the fingers off my very favorite green mismatched glove set so that at least my joints will not be freezing and then maybe we can all shut up.

My joints are loud when they’re cold. They’re like hail. Hail joints. I am undecided as to whether or not that is a good name for a band. On the one hand I am a sucker for the triple entendre but there is something kind of odd about it. I am open to suggestions.

Life is pretty good. Yesterday a guy came in to talk to us about how our software sucks and gather information on making us a better one, and that was nice. Also he brought in lemon cake, and that was nice. I gave the rest of it to Elizabeth to take home to her son, although she waffled for awhile about whether or not his joy would be worth his energy level, but she forgot to take it. And it was gone this morning anyway, which kind of maybe sucks because perhaps someone was planning on eating cake and coffee for breakfast and lunch and kind of maybe wound up just having cup after cup of more and more watered down coffee instead.

Cat News

Luna began clambering ungracefully over the tall fence into the parking lot next door and going to hang out with another cat down the street, and I was happy for her and it was ok, because she always comes back and even if she doesn’t sometime she and have an understanding that she would rather have it that way. It’s very hard to tell a cat it can’t have what it wants. You just try it on a daily basis for a while and see how you go. Anyhow, so she’s been going out and everything has been fine and then of course it turns out this other cat or the sidewalk or some damn thing out there has fleas, and I even get bit several times, and this is just fucking unacceptable. So I quarantined her, although not before she had shared her fleas with Lucky and the neighbor’s kittens and all of the humans and most of the furniture. And yesterday Ross and Tak tacked up chicken netting all around our fence and porch, and now the cats are stuck. Stuck in paradise, at least. At least this is a rad place to live. And I have promised Luna that for her retirement I will take her to the most beautiful place I know of and leave her there very quietly to have the life she’s always wanted. I tell her that’s as much as anyone can really ask for if they want to have the people they love in their lives. And she looks at me like, I don’t love you, bitch!