backpeddling fiercely like a herd of headless ducklings

November 21, 2010

This post is brought to you by CHEEZ-ITs, sour gummy worms and wine, and the simple, sad fact that I can’t remember whether or not I set up a blog for my friend Tom, coupled with the shame of knowing that I badgered him incessantly to set up a blog and if he did and I forgot after all that then I am an asshole. So I logged on to see if I had linked to him on my blog, my oft forgotten very own blog, and I was moved more toward talking a lot than fact checking. So you know.

Today I got a very rad haircut, and while it did not cost twenty five dollars like Bishop’s it also did not cost fifty dollars like…I don’t know.

Sorry, everyone. This is how much blog you get when it’s powered by the ADD initiating trifecta of cheese crackers, sour gummies and malbec. Hopefully I shall return soon.


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