you wouldn’t know your asentope from a hole in the ground

February 21, 2011

So I am going to be taking math again shortly; very shortly. I am going to be taking smarter math than I have ever taken before, and I am excited and scared like I imagine you are right before you go diving in caves – what could go wrong diving in caves? I remember the golden days of math. I was so good at counting, and adding and subtracting, and multiplication and division. Then we got to decimal points and percentages and my brain did a lot of hiccupping and I did a lot of rapid guesswork every day of my life and I drew little windows with curtains and flowerpots on sills around the mathematical problems on my worksheets…and I did not do well at math. After a while more life happened to me, and I entered a strange era in which decimals and percentages were actually useful tools to me, and now I am great at them. This also goes for the previously terrifying units and measurements, but it does not really go for algebra right now. So I am slightly nervous but I am hoping for the best.

I really hope that I can figure out some way to make whatever I’m learning applicable so that it becomes interesting; because I think a lot of my problem with math is that it needs some curtains and a sill plant to make it a little more alluring. I love story math problems. I could never get over my conviction that anyone who said they had a hard time with story problems must be making it up for some strange secret purposes.

It’s funny that now I’m good at taxes. I hope college math is like taxes.


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