smeagol free

February 23, 2011

Ah, well.

Today is a good day, because it is the filling in the sandwich where I get to do everything I want to and nothing that I don’t. Yesterday I broke up with the studio, and it went in a very anticlimactic manner. I had the feeling that it might, but I was kind of surprised that it did. Basically I got up, said I am leaving, watched seven layers of comprehension and knowledge cross the button faces in front of me, and realized that I actually did not need to say anything further at all. Everybody already got it. I guess all the words I had floating at the ready in my head were ultimately nothing compared to the fact of my leaving. So I left.


Tomorrow I am going on my longest solo drive ever, down far south in California for the Earth Peoples United board meeting. It will be weird to drive alone for such a long time, and I bet it will be therapy like a dunk tank of gin would be therapy. I imagine just cruising down the 101 with the top pulled down so my hair can blow, for six hours; with music and rushing wind and FREEEEEEEDOMMMM. There will also be a pool and a jacuzzi at this board meeting, and I am stoked. I am going to drive a long way by myself in my very own car that I own; I am going to learn scads about running a nonprofit; I am going to swim swim swim like a dolphin who looks floppy in real life and graceful like a water panther in her head; I am going to eat delicious foods and hang out with people who laugh at my jokes and listen to my ghost stories; I am going to be so happy.

So today I have to get the oil changed, stock the sad and empty fridge with foods, and party on Garth. I am definitely a party on Garth kind of girl. There has never been any Wayne for me. I have to pack some clothing but really most importantly a bathing suit. I have to bring my book about nonprofits and how to do good at other stuff too. I have to pet the cats so annoyingly much to make up for being gone almost a week and leaving them to whore around for other pettage. I have to go drink coffeeeee!

I am so totally


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