having trouble with digital emotion

March 20, 2011

Am sad.
All grown up, and pissed at snow.

Several weeks ago I was talking to Alain about my plans for driving up to Portland tomorrow, and he said like a reasonable person who has made that exact drive frequently, ‘have you checked the weather?’
As someone who has never driven this route on her own and spends the majority of group drives looking out the window at trees, also as a general nonplanner, I had not. I continued to not check the weather every day until yesterday, when I was beginning to pack for my incredible badass solo roadtrip from new home to old: ‘have you checked the weather? said Alain.
I had not. But to appease his preplanning finicky ass intelligent person brain I looked up the weather, and my feelings fell flat like a brick falling one inch from straight up. Thwap.
Apparently there are three ways to get to Oregon from California in a very small, nearly useless two seater packed to the guts and very totally paid off. Apparently two of them go through Mt Shasta, which is covered in snow right now, continues to get consistent heavy snowfall, is on ‘weather warning alert,’ and requires chains for traversing I5. Apparently this will last till Wednesday.
Apparently there is one other way to get to Oregon from California, which is to take the scenic route down the 101. It takes four hours longer but is prettier, and since I was already in for an eleven hour drive I might as well be in for a fifteen hour drive. I mean seriously.
‘Did you check the weather report?’ said Alain.
I had not. With vague and muddled flash images of myself in fabulous shoes in five inches of highway snow trying to figure out how to apply fucking chains to fucking tires without a single cigarette whilst semi trucks ruoar and suvs berpleberple behind me in my now chastened mind, I went and I looked up the road conditions.
Apparently the third route bypasses Mt Shasta entirely! Smugness returned prematurely. To avoid the snow one had only to avoid Mt Shasta by way of Grants Pass? Grants Pass has had snow, continues to have snow, and expects to have further snow? Chains required almost asap you merge onto I5?


Here is Jude Law pouting for me. No it does not make me feel better.

Jude Law and I do not approve of snow on highways, and we are


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