For the last two months I’ve been going every Monday to what I call jedi class and we officially call the Golden Gate Knights. This is a lightsaber combat class that Alain and an equally energetic, uniquely nerdy friend named Novastar have put together and lead with enthusiasm and ass kicking warm-ups each week. I have learned to spin a lightsaber damn well if I say so myself; I can do forward and backward spins with each hand, and I can do them inverted. I can also do figure eight flourishes and I have an entire combat sequence memorized for the win. I know that I am a total world class nerd at this point, but you know what? I can kick your ass in battle.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuPsZrmj7F4&t=70 – watch me slice like black butterfly.

http://goldengateknights.com/ – get your own stab on.

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