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October 19, 2011

Relics of Modern Women’s Media

If archeologists in the future come across a stash of women’s magazines from today, all the way back as long as women’s magazines have existed, I can only hope they also discover other a lot of other clues to judge us by. I never read women’s magazines, because for the most part they depress the hell out of me. They aren’t exactly one dimensional, because there are so many different genres, but the main ideas of women’s current culture they would come away with would be very limited. Women as portrayed by their magazines are interested in only a very few things, all of which come down to one desire: to be as perfect as possible, as defined by the norms of the times, in everything they do, say, think, eat, wear, and buy. They would look through these magazines and think, ‘wow. So basically all these women did with their lives was overthink absolutely everything they did, and purchase anything designed to make them feel more beautiful, alluring to the opposite sex, and enviable by peers of their own gender.
I think we can stop reading these stupid magazines. I think we can focus on appreciating ourselves as we are, sit and enjoy the apparently novel concept that we are beautiful enough, smart enough, talented enough and happy enough, and that if we know for certain that we are not we should take natural steps to remedy our actual and not perceived detriments instead of purchasing some hyped up stylized product to slap over the problem. By natural steps I mean, if you are for some reason not beautiful enough, then the only factor I will accept is a lack of health; health is beauty, and disease is ugly, whether it comes in the form of obesity, underweight, or stress ravaged skin (for only a few examples). Fix your health, glow with loveliness. If for some reason you are not smart enough, well, go to freaking school; take a class in your community; find a job where you can use the skills you have and learn new ones. If for some reason you are not talented enough, figure out what talents you would like to possess, figure out how to learn and perfect them, and go for it with all the passion and dexterity a determined woman is capable of.

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