snapshot in the family album

March 20, 2012

I am sick.

I am blowing extraordinary neon green chunks out nose and lung, and both eyeballs are hot pink and feel remarkably like achy peeled grapes. It is not the happiness, and apparently I need no Dayquil whatsoever to be stupid and noodle limbed and slightly triptastic while ill. Apparently all that daytripping I had previously assigned to the Quil is just my own natural response to a surplus of bacteria. All of my thoughts are very useless and move at approximately the speed of packaged butter in a cold old kitchen. Assuming that said butter has not been tossed across the room in a friendly game of catch; assuming that it is just sitting there like a solid little brick of unspreadable.

So yes. I am sick and everything would be fine if I only had a tv. I got my nintendo and sega out on Sunday and set them up exactly where they will go, in the extreme vicinity of where the tv will also go, and there is no tv. I want to play Sonic. I will even play the Amazon level without complaining. Life is a difficulty. Also there is no soup and while I have no appetite whatsoever I do think it would be nice to play Sonic and eat chicken soup. However I suppose that sitting at my desk drinking actually very amazing green tea and trying to read ledger lines with raspberry eyes will have to be good enough.

Here are some gorgeous little things.




I am


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