an echo in so much space

April 13, 2012

This undoubtedly brilliant post brought to you by second week school panic and scotch in the afternoon. In fact, that is pretty much all I have to say. Almost.

Dear Professor F, WHY can you not set up dropbox correctly? I have an entire assignment all dressed up and nowhere to go, and another entire assignment blowing around in the ether behind a 401 error. I would be so happy to give you assignment number one if only I could; and at this point I would be quite beside myself with joy if I could get the fuck started on assignment two, but I still have no damn idea what it even is because although I have emailed you FOUR times asking you to just email the instructions to me since you apparently set the web forms up to resemble an impervious fortress of fuck not given, you have just emailed me back ‘click on the link.’ OH WHAT? You mean this link, which I have copied and pasted into three emails so far along with a screenshot of the same damn error message it gives me every single time? FAH, sir. FAH.

Also, scotch. It is not my thing and I am feeling rather queasy and obviously a moderate amount agressive, but it was not my birthday and so it was not my choice. Some persons should just count their blessings and be grateful to be slightly wasted during work hours. Happy birthday, Tanya. I hope all your webpages open like they ought to.

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