anyway the wind blows

June 8, 2012

Today as I was driving to work I suddenly realized that I was fantasizing about being pulled over by a cop. I realized this after about three minutes of unencumbered stream of consciousness imaginary law enforcement discourse, which had apparently begun with oh hey officer and dwindled immediately into a tale of woe about my car. I think I may need a special kind of therapist. My relationship with my car is certainly one of the most complex in my life, and an awfully lot of my stress level and damn cash dance attendance on her like wishes in the wind. Huh.

So I stopped having my imaginary discourse with Deputy Hammer, and I turned on the radio. This does not always happen when I go to work in the morning. It’s always super hard for me to decide between the sounds of outside and music when I’m in the car or walking; I love the sounds of outside and I work bravely and in near perfect satisfaction without them for eight hours a day, but then – sometimes you just HAVE to have something to groove through as you move. So this morning I turned on the radio and it gave me Free Falling and I almost cried because god I love that song. And it had just started, and it got me halfway to work, and it was awesome. AND THEN the radio gave me Come Sail Away and I have been headbanging ever since. It is my opinion that all Fridays should begin with headbanging.

ALSO: (possible source of current office chair crash dance) I have had a Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bar for breakfast. If you don’t believe that these exist, which I have to admit I also had a hard time with momentarily even with the damn thing in front of my face,


I am


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