a smile from a veil

June 19, 2012

I am feeling pretty incredible. Not the simple dopamine dumping automatic kind of incredible that rings itself into existence on a sunny day or after sex or during caramel apples; it’s this double helix of greater complexity and gentler payoff that apparently rears its magnificent head only after you work your ass off and probably do some things you have no inclination for, in the name of greater good and staunch spined self sufficiency. I, even I, am the owner of a sensor socket.

I have a sensor socket because tomorrow I am going over to my dad’s friend’s house, and I will probably get lost because it is on some strange cross section of McLoughlin that I have not dared to tread since my return from SF or really even before if I am being perfectly honest, and he is going to teach me how to change my oxygen sensors and my mass air flow sensor. The mass air flow sensor is easy, you just more or less pop the old one off and pop the new one in, just like that, pop pop. Robert says it will probably take three minutes and I could totally do it myself, but because it is my car and the delight of my eyes I would like someone who knows what they are doing in a muscle memory sort of way instead of just an I saw it on the internet sort of way show me how to do it the first time. The oxygen sensors are supposed to be awfully easy to change also, unless some dumbass that went before has welded the wrong type in. I think about the patch job my car’s roof had when I first bought it, and I shudder just a bit. FINGERS XING.

In other news, it is finished.


Spring is dead long live the summer.

I am


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