the house of the rising

August 10, 2012

I know this is ridiculous of me but I just can’t help myself today. I have had a bag of sun chips and a string cheese for breakfast, and I am on my second cup of coffee, (why yes it is in fact 10:43am what of it, I have the mountain toppling mood on), and I have been reviewing my okcupid profile. Now I know that everyone and their creepy sexual innuendo username uncle says that they are only on okcupid for the tests, whatever, but while that is not the only reason I am on okcupid it is definitely the reason I joined in the first place. Nitya was taking some what super hero are you test and I wanted to take it and she wouldn’t let me on her account because it would mess up her stats. So I created my profile and people, here we are today, several rad dates and two hundred and twenty four tests later. I am fucking addicted to these tests. Do I want to know what Firefly character I am most like? Why hell yes. Am I interested in okc’s opinion on my sexual style? Certainly. The clincher though, the real hook and sinker, is that I am proud of my results. What Pulp Fiction character am I? DAMN STRAIGHT I AM. Which day of the week am I? Oh, stop it you.

What I am saying, everyone, is this:

Take okcupid tests. Then we can put our heads together like a couple of middle school girls and compare results. I am currently in the market for anyone who tests as Clive Owen’s character from Sin City. I have spoke.


I am


Oh yeah?

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