narrow streets of cobblestone

November 29, 2012

I am going to the dentist in three hours for the first time in oh, about twelve years. I am nervous as fuck. I keep trying to process orders and bring ledgers up to date and all I can think of is all the terrible things that are going to happen to my mouth and oh god there will probably be mint.

The universe has decided helpfully that what I need in this situation is two bosses who resemble small brothers; like a fool I mentioned that I was making the dread trip today and feeling kind of queasy about it, and ever since they have been yelling things out of their offices about how the dentist is going to poke my teeth with metal things and that it’s going to hurt, also that flossing now won’t save me from the wrath of having flossed only ten or so times for the entirety of the previous year.

My eye has started twitching. I will admit that this probably has more to do with fineprint financial statements than a doomsday dip into the times that try one’s soul, but I am claiming it in the name of mental anguish anyhow.

I am


your daddy, yes I am

November 27, 2012

Watching The Secret Life of the Brain, version child, making bread and chicken soup from an entire real life chicken carcass, the soup that is, not the bread, listening to a child who has just begun this skill read:

This is Tab.

oh? *ears perk*

Tab is a cat.

of fucking course.

Tab has a pal.

well I guess that’s –

Tab is a bad cat.


I am

some hearts I saw

Yes that is a frying pan with shredded cheddar cheese in it. Yes that is my new favorite thing to eat. Yes it is not very much like I’ve been eating anything else. Don’t be jealous of my boogie.

I’m pretty sure this is what my heart actually looks like. Ripples for beat and leafstems for veins, hoarding autumn’s flotsam.


Moments after it hailed like a curtain of hellsent crazy for three minutes.

Moments after it rainbowed moments after the hellborn hailstorm.

Portland, you are ridiculous.

And I am

a long way to run

November 20, 2012

I do not like this border very much, but it was the only semi-cool one that I hadn’t used for another project. By which I mean that there are two semi-cool options. The world is a vampire.

So is addiction.

Or maybe a vampire is addiction? Shit. I should have tied in vampires somehow.













I am

darkness with an empty smile

November 14, 2012

Wispy rain on my face is like the freckles I never had.

I am

My bosses went to Colorado on a business trip and they brought me back a stuffed prairie dog. They made a donation to save the prairie dogs, and the result is that because of my recent overexposure to Twin Peaks I consistently call it an endangered pine weasel, and, more importantly probably, now my vibrating duck has a companion for his windowsill city backed office observations. I actually now have three animals bequeathed to me by workplaces, and I have decided to bring my honey badger of achievement in and sit him on the other side of duck. Then everyone who can see up to the eighth story window will know that I am an exceptional employee, frequently rewarded for overall office heroics with small animals.

I am