a dancer on thin ice

January 3, 2013

So people have been telling me for a couple of years now but I just realized today that my eyes have turned blue. Weirdest feeling ever.

I just went and looked at them again, and they’re green now. I swear to god I am not making this up. It was the strangest thing, to look into the rearview mirror and encounter blueness like an afternoon river where only green and brown had been before. It makes me want a Lord, so that we could glee out together about how fearfully and wonderfully I am made.

Seriously, I wonder what makes eyes change over time, not just in color but in general. They’re such delicate, precise little wonderballs.


I did a google search but my research brain has not had coffee yet and now I am confused by melanin levels and hormonal imbalances; not my own, I assume, but those listed as causes of eye color change. You know what I am going to go have some coffee right now. Congratulations to me and my capricious irises.


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