when we used to sing

January 23, 2013

This morning I was informed that I should own one of these, for the wearing pleasure of my cats. This is funny, because apparently I am just the kind of person (or maybe I just have the kind of cat) that makes people itchy around the trigger fingers when it comes to this sort of thing. I was actually in fact already gifted one of these for my birthday, and Lucky wore it for .002 seconds before turning into a spawn of satan and ripping it off and hiding it under the Christmas tree. Well under the Christmas tree, I might add; never let her usual look of cantankerous disinclination fool you into thinking she’s not a clever little ten clawed shit.

Ok, ok, without further ado, I present the picture that has never thus far failed to make me laugh like a donkey hyena hybrid until my abs hurt and my eyes cry:


One look at it and you just know they were really trying for a happy picture and just failed for days and finally gave up all like, at least we got one where the cat is actually wearing the damn thing, and is not covered in the blood of its many victims.

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