a new storm chasin’

July 25, 2013

My oatmeal exploded.

I put it in the microwave this morning for its usual amount of time and when I came back from standing on my desk taking pictures of my window duck with snappy city backgrounds, it had exploded.

The same thing happened to my minestrone soup yesterday, but I totally just thought that was the soup’s fault, for being so overcrowded with noodles. I do not so much like noodles. They can almost exclusively be replaced to the greater good with rice, although obviously every Italian pasta is exempt from this. So now I think it must be the microwave fritzing out, although actually now that I really think about it perhaps it is just the different shape of the mug I’m cooking in. I mostly use a big old campbell’s soup mug, and it is the best and fat and fabulous, but this morning it is dirty and I don’t feel like washing dishes so early in the morning when all I’ve had for dinner last night was popcorn with cheese. I wonder if microwaving things in a taller skinnier mug makes them explode.


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