distant far-like yonderin’

October 11, 2013

So, boots. Apparently you can have really damn tall. Apparently you can have totally kickass. Apparently you can have quietly elegant. Apparently you cannot have more than two of these combined in one product. Apparently you can go prissy, go ghetto, go thunderdome or go home.

And what in the name of anything you care to call on is this paired monstrosity?


I am unsure that I want to live in a world where I can find something as unattractive and dubiously functional as the above, but I cannot find a pair of knee high sweet line gorgeous ass shitkickers that will make me tower over children and old ladies.

Furthermore ankle boots are not boots; they are shoes that have forgotten their place.

I am


One Response to “distant far-like yonderin’”

  1. Chris Says:

    This sounds like painful exhuberance in the world of “who gives shit”….my two pence that I hope funds something other than our government………


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