spit infinity

November 14, 2013

My workplace moved offices last week, and the best thing about this is the parking garage. Not only do I have a garage door clicker, which I have coveted for my entire life and only owned once for like four months, the in ramp is at a nice 30 degree angle and every morning I pop into neutral and try to coast all the way to my parking spot. Is like very slow Tokyo Drift, except that drifting is not so much the point because my car cannot spontaneously regenerate from contact with concrete pillars at the end of the game. This is totally a great way to start the day. It is impossible to rip as many hairs out over mysteries within the general ledger or differences of opinion with the boss when you know that, having missed all three corner columns at full momentum, you nuzzled right up to the latter edge of your parking space this morning without hitting the gas once.


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