riding high on a wave of love

November 20, 2013

Yet another way in which this new office rules supreme: the cleaning lady tidies my desk. I didn’t even realize I was the kind of person who needs their desk tidied, until I walked in this morning and all of my papers and post-its were neatly stacked along the far side of my gleaming desk, uniform to the nth degree and completely devastated with regards to organization. I kind of need to go through them again anyhow so…three cheers for the cleaning lady.

In other news, it is sunny today which also apparently means that your finger flesh will freeze off your bones within ten seconds of hitting the outdoors. Scraping ice off your windshield with a cd cover does not help. Especially when Jason can scrape twice the amount of ice with his credit card, which doesn’t sound possible in terms of mass to ice coverage, and is simultaneously offensive to my cd skills and nothing short of a heart melting miracle to my finger bones.


The guy who is hooking up our cable totally just saw me stand on my desk to take that picture.

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