walking out that door, yeah

December 5, 2013

So this morning the world had some surprises for me. The first one was awesome. I opened the kitchen curtains to let in the sun (sun! yay!) and there was this:


I was totally surprised. I moved the morning glories to the kitchen windowsill this fall, and I thought to myself, next spring we will have blossoms! And then the morning glory was like, oh that’s cool. We don’t really need to wait for your arbitrary preconceived timeline. Really, just warmth and sunlight and water will do it.

Then when I got to my car this morning, this was waiting:


At first this might seem like a beautiful gift from nature, and I also thought this initially, and I was pleased. So I took this picture. Apparently however what happens next is that your car will not do anything good for you because the inside is frozen as well as the outside. Probably the freeze is just as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside, but it is a damn pain in the ass. I let the car warm up for about five minutes while we scraped the frost off the windshield, and then we started to go. Then we stopped. I thought I had shifted wrong and let the engine die, so I turned it off and turned it back on. Same business, with the shifting and the nothing happening. Sigh.

So we waited a while longer, but the car  was still totally sluggish and I kept releasing the clutch super slowly to keep it going, and…eventually that took its toll and the car smelt of clutch and I realized I was being stupid. So I spent longer than normal parked where I drop Jason off, and then things seemed to be better, so I started cautiously on my way again and behold, things were better.

I called the mechanics when I got into the office and their calm, steadying voices and their concise, considered questions are just like therapy. I felt much better immediately. Even if things were about to go hell with my car again (I suppose it is time, god damn it knock wood) I would not be facing this new evil alone. The Cooke’s guys had my back. Basically they think I should just cover it overnight and give it longer to warm up. Here’s to hoping.

I am


2 Responses to “walking out that door, yeah”

  1. Chris Says:

    emergency brake?


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