the road and your hands upon the wheel

December 12, 2013

Well, so. There is apparently nothing wrong with my car* and my feelings about this cannot be expressed without a dip back into the biblical terms of my youth. Behold, glad tidings of great joy! For unto you this day is born not yet another six month headache* but an unprecedented sweetness of both engine and hoses! Furthermore your tires have not yet completed their annual pop and shred!* Rejoice, jubilation, jubilee.


The Cooke’s guys came and got her out of the parking garage on Tuesday and about an hour later I got a series of three calls so I could instruct them how to open my hood. Even Toyota mechanics had issues with it back in the day, but now that the stock hood popper is broken and a clever two part jury rig set up, it gives young and old, brave and beautiful the same amount of trouble. Namely, the same amount of trouble the entire car gives me.

Anyhow,about an hour after all of that I got a call back informing me that maybe I am just a shade too sensitive and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my car.* So I went to pick it up that evening, and they did not even charge me for taking it in and looking it over. I said that I wanted to pay them something for that effort at least, and was told ‘we’ll send you a bill’ as I was shooed toward the door.

‘Send the bill where?’ I asked, because I do not think they know where I live.

‘Oh, you know, that building with the parking garage.’

The door shut behind me.

I am taking them Christmas cookies this season, world without end, amen.

I am

*knock wood, yea verily


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