the feeling in the air

September 21, 2014

Dedicated to

My Brain, without whom none of this would have been possible

Also Jason, ditto


It’s time to move again, I said, and hauled her to her feet.

Her breath came and went in mangled desperation, between a wheeze and a gurgle. The noise of it froze my spine like the rattle of a snake.

It’s going to hear that, I whispered urgently, you’ve got to be quiet.

She nodded but the next breath was just as dreadful.

Breathe through your mouth instead, I said, and she opened her lips to let the next escape more easily. If that did anything at all to quiet the process I didn’t notice.

It’s already heard us anyhow by now, I thought, we just have to keep moving.

I braced her over as much of my body as I could manage and we began our descent. It was a slow and stupid affair because the stairs were the shitty steep narrow kind you fall down and I had to more or less carry her, which I was neither much equipped for nor very inclined to do. We made our way to the motif of her increasingly wretched breathing.

When we finally reached the bottom my head was spinning. I propped her against a wall and sagged to catch my breath. The corner of my eye caught movement.

She had changed. She was taller, strong and beautiful; her breath still serrated but more like a growl. She caught my left hand, and brought it to her lips. Her eyes, deep with passion, found mine.

I saved you for last, she said, and I’ll wait for you – as long as I can.

I could feel that that wouldn’t be long. She was intoxicated by my scent, already her eyes were glazing and she was moving my hand slyly from her nose toward her point filled mouth.

Oh hell no, I thought, there is no way I am going through ALL THAT CRAP to get eaten right now, and I clocked back my arm and punched a hole right through her head, and I woke up.

And now I think it is hilarious that my subconscious tried so hard and clever to turn Jason’s snoring into a story it could maybe talk out of the noise, even if it didn’t succeed.

I am