20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti

July 10, 2015

Wow, it turns out that I really like Jurassic 5. I had heard of them before, but their name made me assume that they would be like 5 For Fighting or 3rd Eye Blind or something and although I do appreciate that one (and only) 3rd Eye Blind song that I know whenever it comes on the radio randomly, I was just never very bothered about listening to them.

Lately some genius has been adding them consistently to the playlist at work and every time in the last few days I have checked to see what is the awesomeness that is playing currently, it has been Jurassic 5. This is the sort of music I would go dance to. This is the sort of music that deserves my movement. I know that is a weird thing to say, but that is what dancing to music is all about, right? A music hits you, and if it is good music, if it deserves a reply, your body has to respond. I have failed at dancing all my life because most dance music leaves me cold, my body refuses to acknowledge its rhythms, I am bored to leaving at worst and coerced into moving woodenly for as long as I can stand it at best. This is one of the reasons karaoke bars are my favorite – at least at karaoke bars you can depend on some level of diversity…and I am good at thrashing around to metal songs or swaying to Piano Man. At karaoke bars I am not limited to moving back and forth in the same several infinity loops and spirals of upper and lower body that are the only way my limbs and torso can interpret most dance or pop music. At karaoke bars sometimes I even get to conga to Dance Senora.

Anyhow. Someone explain to me what kind of music Jurassic 5 is. Because I love it and I long to clog my life with it.

enjoy tab

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