for dessert

September 19, 2015

One year, three months and some days ago, Jason and I got married. This was if I say so myself the best decision either of us has made so far and our wedding was nearly nothing short of perfect. I say nearly, because in all honesty everything was so marvelous and we were having such a great time that we forgot to do a very important thing: smoosh cake in each other’s faces.

I am happy to report that I saved the cake and stuffed it into the freezer, where it has been crowding my icebox ever since, and yesterday I bundled it into a hatbox and we drove it out to the Grand Lodge; and there, by moonlight, behind the garden and right next to the chicken coop, we finally smooshed it.

Just so everybody knows my husband will not wait for you while you say ‘one two three go,’ and because of this I am still q-tipping buttercream out of my left ear canal.

Love. It’s what’s


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