the resolute urgency of now

October 14, 2015

Thanks to a sudden lack of dishwashing soap in our household, I have spent a good portion of the morning mopping water off the kitchen floor and chasing huge drifts of soap suds out the back door. Who actually knew that the dire consequences of substituting palmolive, as outlined in books featuring Curious George, had not been grossly exaggerated?


Anyhow, one quick trip to the internet later, everything is looking up. The dishwasher is still sudsing, but now it can only make sad thin little suds that slide down the front of itself like time off a Dalí clock. This is because the internet said, and is apparently not wrong about, to throw a cup of white wine vinegar in, and some salt. I initially suspected the internet of fucking with me via a mom blog, determined that in fact vinegar and baking soda are what create grade school volcanoes, and with hope in my heart doused the innards of my dishwasher liberally with salt and vinegar. Why is it that vinegar is the answer to everything? I do not understand.


I am super sorry not to have any pictures of the winter wonderland that so recently blanketed my kitchen, but I kind of lost my mind when I looked up from my laptop and saw it creeping toward the living room. Suffice it to say that I now have a very clean kitchen floor, (something that does not often happen for me as apparently it takes a tragedy to incite me to mop), and I really wish I had a kid today. Experiences like this are wasted on grownups.

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