more important than currency

December 29, 2015

Today I clothespinned some outgoing mail to the outside of the mail slot in my door, which propped it open a little. Enough to let cold air in and warm air out. Being of an inventive mind and no inclination to leave the house in quest of actual post offices or mailboxes, I simply put a couple of pieces of masking tape over the slot on the inside of the door. I wondered what the mail delivery person would do when they tried to shove the mail in and encountered tape, and my imagination began to run away with me; all sorts of semi-dire scenarios for the mail delivery person popped into my head.

However the most logical reaction to finding the mail slot blocked would be to simply pin any incoming mail to the slot the way one found the outgoing mail…so I left it, and waited.

Just now I heard the clothespin click, and I rushed over from where I was making tea just in time to see something hit the masking tape. There was a moment’s pause, just one moment’s, and then a hand karate chopped straight through my masking tape, and a single letter followed it. The mail slot snapped shut.

I sat on the floor and laughed until my belly hurt. This experience has done nothing to lessen my long-held belief that mail delivery person has got to be one of the most interesting jobs of all time.

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