goin down the only road 

July 3, 2016

Tonight I drove, not on purpose butjustcuz, past the old New Copper Penny, and I shouldn’t have.

Seeing it without its neon was like experiencing melody minus harmony. It was suddenly just this flat old building about to come down and I was just this old bitch with memories. I’ve never once ever gone down that street without basking in that hot pink glow and feeling this weird old treetown sense of…happening. Growth. Age. Potential and primordial slushy.

An OG is dead; long live the fancy shit. Some stuff is best left behind, I agree. Some stuff also was just there your whole damn life and it challenges your own sense of immortality, fragile at best at all times, when institutions greater and older and stranger than you go down. Is there a country for old men? Old songs? Old cars with engines like the dregs of a root canal?

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