cutting from stone some dreams of their own

November 8, 2016

This evening I am pretty well pleased with my current occupation.

One of the ways my company engages our employees is by creating community involvement opportunities for them, and one of our events this month is my favorite ever so far. Our team will be visiting a preschool run for children whose families are experiencing homelessness, and having a save the planet party all morning long.

Because I put a significant amount of time into brainstorming and creating this lesson plan, (introduce pollution reduction to a group of children of whom a high ratio are still in pullups? I gotchu fam), I have decided to share it. I pulled all my inspiration from mom blogs and pinterest and such, so there are a lot of links to places where more qualified educators of the child have offered more complete resources.

If you ever have need of a two hour preschool activity that focuses on how to take care of the earth with an emphasis on trash and recycling, check it out. If not, you can just be jealous of the earth cookies.


Sequence of Learning

  • Dirty Water Activity
    • Inspiration Source
    • This activity reinforces the message from I Can Save The Earth by making pollution tangible. Children learn the effects on clean water of putting trash into it. Because it is no longer nice for them to drink or touch, the effect becomes personal.
  • Sorting Activity
    • Inspiration Source
    • This activity gives children the opportunity to make judgments about whether or not a piece of trash should be recycled. It aims to encourage the mindset and skill set needed to become an effective regular recycler.
  • What Belongs On the Ground Activity
    • Inspiration Source
    • This activity makes sure that children don’t go around picking up anything and everything and putting it into the trash! By focusing on a category of items that don’t go into the trash, (nature items), this activity reinforces the habit of thinking before throwing something away. It also hopefully keeps kids from tossing things they shouldn’t, like car keys or ipads.
  • Book: Michael Recycle
    • Goodreads
    • Youtube
    • This activity takes all of the tactile learning and brings it back into the conceptual realm. This book’s message aligns recycling with super heroism and aims to lock in each child’s personal interest in recycling by providing relatable and cool role models.
  • Handprint Signing
    • Inspiration Source
    • This activity closes the day and leaves a tangible memory (the signed poster) in the preschool.
  • The Cookie Leave
    • The swag
    • This act is one of pure bribery and hopes to really cement the idea that the earth is wonderful, lovely, and delicious, and needs to be taken care of by each person on it. We want to create a sense of stewardship for, and love of, the earth. The way to the heart is through the stomach.

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