those who wait

December 2, 2016


Here’s the thing. If there’s no life after death, most signs pointing that direction, then I don’t want my last thought to be ‘welp this has been nice.’ I want my last thought to be ‘I wonder what happens next?’ I mean why not? It’s just the safer hypothesis, as last thoughts go, since there is also this part of me that is unable to accept that there isn’t more to life than meets the microscope. Maybe it’s because I was raised deep in the lap of religion. Maybe it’s because I really am a damn hippy. Maybe it’s just more interesting that way. More scope for the imagination as it were. Welp this has been nice is sort of a final thought. It falls in the pond with a thud. I wonder what happens next is a gateway thought. You start wondering if there will be candy, and if you’ll like the trees. There is no part of me that would not be pleased to go out while speculating on unknown tree types.

So nice.


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