truth is I’m only guessin

February 27, 2017

The leaning tower of pyrex has arrived!


Because I am crazy but not insane, I am in charge of a crew cooking for ninety people, but we are totally just making casseroles.

I figure there are only a few ways to fuck up lasagna, and if we’re cooking eight lasagnas, the odds are in our favor that each of them emerges with only one gastronomic flaw. Spreading the potential potholes around, basically. Like getting new blood into the gene pool.

Me for scale.


There is going to be SO MUCH lasagna. Garfield would love me.

Those whisps you see all over the image are Mia’s nose smears across the mirror. She leaves them on every surface in the house, because apparently her most dominant characteristic is to have to have her nose into everything that happens, anywhere, ever. I have decided that her theme song is the chorus of What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes.

In case you yourself would like to join the ninety and my team this week in consuming what is basically a garden with cheese, here is the recipe to one of the most delicious foods ever.


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