where I marry the sea

March 16, 2017

Last night I made a whale.

It is not the most beautiful whale, it looks a little raggedy and a bit untrustworthy, these factors directly leading to my naming it Ill Mitch, but it is my own whale and I love it. Actually it is Mia’s own whale, and hopefully she also loves it.


I was hoping to make it in only two episodes of Poirot, but first I sewed the flippers on the wrong side, and then I forgot to stitch the belly piece in, and then my god damn sewing machine decided to spit out the bobbin and both of the pieces that hold it in for like forty minutes; so it took me two and a half episodes of Poirot, and two glasses of beer, and a Milky Way.

Eventually Ill Mitch is going to have cute little embroidered eyes and then he will be much more adorable, but I finished him after extreme frustration at like 2AM last night and did not have the wherewithal to embroider. Also the episode of Poirot was annoying me.


Here is hoping that Ill Mitch lasts longer than Sharkie, who had his eyes ripped tragically out of his face, and Ducky, who lost basically all limbs within one day. Perhaps the lack of cutesy descriptive name will be the difference.

Fingers XING.


PS. Here is the pattern I used to make the whale. I am sharing it because the website I found it on was so full of ads I despaired of ever actually being able to download the PDF. ( Wallace the Whale )




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