not touching the ground at all

May 13, 2017

How to get over being consistently desperately intimidated by your sewing machine: use a serger.

And still rely on a fair amount of handstitching.

They are both janky in their own way, but they are totally wearable. 

Dog plus banana for scale. Yes that is how big she is now.

I hand sewed buttonholes. I felt at one with the giants whose shoulders I stand on, these the mothers and daughters of our generations bygone who have in late hours threaded the needle ‘one more time,’ and that crap. The mothers and daughters of our generations bygone would have been shocked at my buttonholes. I was myself, to be honest. They are a bit like sock puppet monster mouths. How did we as a species ever acquire the skill and desire for neat little buttonholes? One bitch came along with super mathematical precision and ruined it for all of us, I bet. Which is unfortunate, because while they are mine and I obviously have to stand by them regardless, I actually think my buttonholes are kind of excellent. Each one is a unique whopperjawed snowflake.


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