a go-go

July 24, 2017

One of the girls I always talk to in Spanish class came in today wearing a Gwar t-shirt, setting off a cavalcade of reactions in my brain, which had only been awake for about forty minutes.

Firstly, I thought, oh Gwar! I haven’t thought about Gwar for awhile. I only know about Gwar from Empire Records. I haven’t watched Empire Records in like eight years.

Almost simultaneously I was thinking, wow, you really never can tell who’s going to be into what music. My (admittedly limited) exposure to Gwar fans (see: Mark/c[?] from Empire Records) had prepared me for someone younger, whose clothes fit a lot worse and whose hairstyle is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Probably they are getting high a lot and skateboarding down handrails. I tend to think of them (apparently, as this was the first time I was thinking of them at all) as whippersnappers. This girl has floral patterned notebook binders and always looks sparkling and beautiful, even at the very beginning of class, which is at the very beginning of what might decently be called the day. She always dresses nicely, always has her homework done on time, and always has a neat little nutritious homemade lunch to eat while the rest of us scarf granola bars like animals. I tend to think of her as a lady.

Then she took off her cardigan, and my brain did a back cartwheel and landed on its ass laughing at itself, oh my god all that thinking for nothing (and so early in the morning too). She smiled at me brightly. ¡Buenos dias! Her t-shirt, her entire t-shirt, read:



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